About Us

What’s up everyone, welcome to The Gillseekers – a platform to hear and  discuss all things fly fishing  in British Columbia, Canada.

We grew tired of trying to find new fishing spots and scheduling in the best time to go. Now you get to reap the benefits as we share local knowledge and work every connection we have to make your fishing trips more enjoyable, doable and affordable.

Throughout our content, you’ll hear from us and many of British Columbia’s top fly fishing enthusiasts. We will take you on our journey as we explore every corner of this beautiful province with our fly-rods  in tow.


It is somewhat rare these days to find those families with generations of outdoors experience to share. Brent and LaBri did not come from families where their dads passed on their many years of fishing wisdom to their kids. Everything they have learned was discovered sitting in a boat using good old trial and error.

First, let’s introduce ourselves – we are Brent and LaBri Borthistle. Brent grew up in Salmon Arm, BC and learned to fly fish in his high school fly fishing club. That’s where the obsession started, and while it may have weened temporarily while he was pursuing his football career at UBC, it came back in full force when he and LaBri moved to Kamloops, BC after (LaBri’s) graduation from UBC.

LaBri grew up in Wichita, Kansas, USA. She grew up doing some occasional gear fishing in the (few and far between) lakes of Kansas and eventually wandered up to Vancouver, BC to go to school at UBC, and happened to find big ole Brent there. They got married after graduation and that’s when the introduction to fly fishing began. LaBri was skeptical at first, and gave fly fishing the side eye with all its “artistry and beauty” but after watching Brent hook some seriously beautiful rainbow trout under a strike indicator, she was hooked herself.

Countless days they have spent staring at strike indicators, wondering what to try next or where to move the boat. Perhaps that sunken island has been harboring the lunkers. Maybe they’re hanging out in the reed beds. There’s nothing like years of experience, some major wins and some boring days in the boat to keep you coming back for more. That’s what Brent, LaBri and the rest of The Gillseekers will share, stories of our days out on the water – both good and bad.



Whether you’ve fished the interior still waters your whole life, or you’ve never laid eyes on a strike indicator – we are here to help. British Columbia is chalk-full of extremely diverse waters and environments you may want to find yourself fishing in, and all too often, that sense of the great unknown will lead you down a long and arduous google search yielding you only basic information about what’s in store when you head out to fly fish in BC. Our mission is to shed light on that mystery and provide you with all the best tips and tricks to get you out on the water, reeling in the most beautiful fish in the world in no time.

From gear reviews and fly tying recipes, to lake reviews and interviews with the experts – The Gillseekers will supply a near constant stream of information to keep those indicators sinking and fish biting!


Heading out to a lake, river or deep sea feeling unprepared and unarmed with the knowledge to succeed is not a good idea. Join The Gillseekers as we unravel the mystery underneath the surface of the water, and show you all the ways you could be landing more fish in the net.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

So grab a beer or a cup of Tim’s and let’s bend those rods,

Brent, LaBri and the rest of The Gillseekers