Spotlight on Canadian Fishing Companies & Products

Around here we are all about shopping local and supporting the amazing Canadian companies responsible for our favourite fishing products. From reels and rods, to knives and boats – here is a short list of the companies we know and love to support. All of these companies have gotten their start here in British Columbia, Canada – so you can be certain they know how to make a quality product that is sure to increase your level of success out on the water!

Scotty Fishing Products

The first on the list might just be the most recognizable – Scotty Fishing Products have been around for decades. In 1952, a husband and wife duo began this company on Vancouver Island, specializing in plastics manufacturing and has since has paved the way for the fishing products we anglers find most useful. They now sell thousands of products into multiple industries, from fishing and outdoors to firefighting – they do a ton, and they do it well.

Scotty’s downriggers and rod holders are top-notch, and considered absolutely vital to success when salmon fishing the coastal waters of BC. We can pretty much guarantee that even if you don’t own a Scotty product, you know and love someone who does. Their reputation precedes them, with reliability and affordability being the name of the game. You simply cannot go wrong with a Scotty Fishing product.

Check out their website and browse some of their best products below.

Islander Reels

Islander is a local company through and through, they design and manufacture their reels right in Victoria, BC. They have established quite a reputation in the world of fishing reels. Whether you fly, troll or float while you fish, they’ve got a product in their line that you won’t want to do without.

Quality and integrity is the name of their game. They are committed to producing an excellent product that any angler would be proud to bring out on to the water. Their products will run you a little more than pocket change, but rest assured you will not regret getting your hands on their beautiful reels. Once you go Islander, you may never go back!

If you’re a geek about seeing how things are made, check out their website in the ABOUT section for a video showcasing the manufacturing process. Holy crap, do those reels ever shine. Beautiful products made with precision at top of mind.


MOBYNETS are the pride of the Interior of BC. Their craftsmanship is of the utmost quality and the solid wood construction will truly withstand the test of time and the elements. These nets will hold their own even when well-used and abused. Endorsed by the legendary Phil Rowley, you know these nets will not let you down.

We have personally been stillwater fly fishing in a boat and had a net snap on us in the past. I can tell you for certain that is not a position you want to be in. It could very well cut your day or even your trip short, because without a reliable net, its a mighty stressful day out on the water. Now that we have switched to a MOBYNET we know we can rely upon the solid oak material that is steam bent into the perfect shape.

Check out their website for a video showcasing the toughness of these nets.

North Arm Knives

Look no further for a quality knife with incomparable craftsmanship than North Arm Knives. Designed and manufactured in the Greater Vancouver area, the care and dedication of this company is forged into every knife. Their knives are capable of handling the many uses that each hunter, angler, outdoorsman and chef can throw at it. Knives for the kitchen, folding knives, outdoor knives and even engraving services round out their product lineup.

They use only the best stainless steel for every blade and offer laminate, carbon fiber and wood handle options. The North Arm Knives website goes into great detail about the construction techniques for each knife, so the purchaser can be well-educated about their knife purchase.

Check out their bio for a tour of the shop to learn more.

John Milner Reels

Another amazing Canadian reel company is John Milner Reels. Handcrafted in Cranbrook, BC. John Milner began crafting centerpin reels in 1964, and has since been perfecting the art of creating reels well-suited for steelheading in BC rivers. Over the decades, Milner’s work has evolved to include 7 different types of reels designed to cater to specific needs of the various types of waters Canadians may find themselves fishing in.

John Milner Reels, aka the World’s Finest Centerpin, can be purchased at many retailers across western Canada, the United States and directly through his website.

For more on these high quality reels, check out

Canadian Llama Co.

The Canadian Llama Co. is your one stop shop for all things fly tying materials. Everything from hooks and bead heads to dubbing and flashing, they have absolutely everything you might need to create every fly concoction out there. Over 25 years ago, the company got its start by dying and packaging llama products, and today they sell millions of fly tying materials every year, including bulk supply to your local fly shop.

This one-stop shop is the supplier of a long list of many well-known fly makers including Phil Rowley, John Kent, Dennis Gamboa and Justin Sander. There simply isn’t a better way to shop local and find every single product you’ll need to get started or continue your fly tying ventures.

See their site for the full list of products they provide and the fly tiers who utilize them.

Journey Boats

Looking for the perfect flat-bottomed boat to get you on the illustrious stillwaters of the BC Interior? Look no further than Journey Boats. Designed and manufactured in Kamloops, BC, these high quality welded aluminum boats are made to meet your every need, and some you may not have even thought of. The boats are designed to fit inside the wheel wells of full-sized trucks and work well for any way you prefer to haul your boat (in the box, on the cargo rack or on a trailer).

Each boat comes ready to fish, but for the whole package – there’s several custom-built accessories to make your day on the water even more enjoyable. Cushioned seat mounts, assorted mounts for rod holders, outboard motors, fish finders and paddle holders, plus wheel kits, floor mats, tackle trays, and oar hangers are all available and would make excellent additions.

We’ll just go ahead and say it – these boats are perfection and you’d be hard-pressed to find a better Canadian made product for getting your line wet on those notorious stillwaters. See their website and get a quote today.

PEETZ Outdoors

If you’re looking for a reel that is a true work of art, then look no further than PEETZ Outdoors. The company was founded by Boris Peetz in Victoria, BC over 90 years ago. The reels handcrafted by Peetz began on a foundation of constructing with quality materials that can withstand the intense demands of fishing the coastal waters of British Columbia, and that remains true today.

The ‘Artist’ series of reels features the hand-carved work of Kwaguilth artist Jason Henry Hunt and would fit just as well as a feature piece on your fireplace mantle as it will on your fishing rod.

Peetz also carries rods, combos, tackle and other gear to bring in an artistic touch to your entire gear collection. Who says quality can’t also be aesthetically beautiful?!

See the full gamut of gear on their site.

Shop Local. Support Canadian brands.

We hope you have enjoyed this collection of made in Canada fishing products. Canadians know what it takes to be successful out on the water, and the companies listed above prove that. Strongly consider supporting your friendly neighbors by purchasing Canadian products with your hard-earned Canadian dollars!

If you have another favourite Canadian fishing company you know and love, and they aren’t on this list – shoot us a DM on instagram @thegillseekers and we’ll be sure to include them in our next round-up of companies to get to know and love.

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